Is It Possible to Achieve Work-Life Balance?

So many people ask us if it is possible to achieve work-life balance?

Yes but also no. 

Let me explain. 

If we treat balance like something you achieve once and maintain forever, then absolutely not. There is no way that is possible! Too many things happen outside of our control, for one, and for the other, we grow and changes as humans in ways that means our priorities shift all the time. 


If we treat balance like an active thing that we work at all the time – one where all of our muscles work to keep that sense of balance, then yes, it is absolutely possible. 

We refer to balance as a “controlled wobble.” When you look at a picture of someone doing an intricate yoga pose, the impression you get is that the person is still. They’re not. Their muscles are quivering in rhythm to keep them balanced. They may fall over. They may keep that for a few minutes, put one foot down to reset, and then head back into the pose. They may shift poses. 

My point is that they don’t live in that pose forever, but that’s how we usually talk about balance. 

We can achieve controlled wobble. We cannot achieve statue status. Work-life balance has to be about movement, flexibility, and change.

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