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The Culture of Burnout

Our multi-award winning book on the uniquely American culture of burnout.

And the winner is ... "The Culture of Burnout"! 

We're over the moon that our book is the recent winner of the Independent Press Awards 2024 Distinguished Favorite Award, the Reader Views Silver Award in the category of Societal Issues for the 2023 Reviewers Choice Awards, and the Honorable Mention Award in Business for the 2024 Eric Hoffer Book Awards! 

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"The book presents a compelling argument that the country has become entrenched in a burnout culture, where individuals face an inherent risk of succumbing to the detrimental effects of exhaustion. Celebrating burnout has become an unfortunate norm, leading to negative consequences for individuals and society at large."


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The Culture of Burnout is the first book that truly looks deep into the heart of burnout and isn't afraid to call it what it is –– a societal issue that we're going to have to face by shifting our collective relationship with work, success, and -– each other. 

Cait donovan

Host, "FRIED: The burnout podcast"

Drs. Kristen and Erin have traversed the roads to burnout and returned (not totally unscathed) to share their journey on how to human better. Thoughtful and hopeful, the Good Doctors offer their wealth of experience and understanding for us to cultivate a culture of balance. It's worth your read.

carol m. pate, Ed.d., fcpp

educator, writer, creator

We can't talk about burnout without talking about context and the waters we swim in. The Culture of Burnout presents the bigger conversations we need to have as a society and presents practical solutions.

audrey holst

founder of fortitude & flow®

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"If you read one self-care book this year, let it be this one ... Besides being a valuable resource to those who live a burnout lifestyle, this guide can act as a prevention tool for job coaches, employers, managers, or anyone who leads others in a workplace environment, so that they can help prevent burnout."

Burnout is as American as apple pie, baseball, and the 4th of July.

Its foundations go all the way back to the first White folks who permanently settled in North America: the Puritans.

Basically, way back in the 17th century, they helped create the American culture of overwork that keeps so many of us caught in today's work-till-you-drop, never-ask-for-help hamster wheel of exhaustion.

But, the good news is that we don't have to be. 

Culture is made through the decisions and actions of everyone who lives in that culture. So if we all want to be less burned out and more balanced, we can be. 

It’s difficult, but not impossible -— and most importantly, it’s doable. 

Inside this book is a breakdown of why your exhaustion and your burnout are not your fault. Finally, pragmatic to its core, it also starts every reader on their own path to dismantle the culture of burnout and start working toward a culture of balance.

What Does The Book Cover?

What is burnout?

Firstly, we'll tell you what burnout is and what it looks like.

How did we get here?

Secondly, we'll share the history and origins of our particular American culture of burnout. 

Our culture of burnout

Thirdly, we'll tell you what burnout culture  looks like now, and why Americans are so burned out. 


Lastly, we'll tell you what you can do to change it. 

the state of american burnout

Quick stats that showcase the scope of our culture of overwork and exhaustion. 

In 2021, almost half of Americans took a sick day because of stress or anxiety.


Globally, 75% of unpaid work is done by women.


Men are 40% less likely than women to seek counseling for any reason.


"The authors offer a ray of hope by sharing practical steps to reformat personal and professional cultures for balance, rather than perpetuating the burnout cycle. By implementing small but impactful changes in daily life, individuals can cultivate environments that prioritize well-being and meaningful connections."

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What is this book actually about? 

This book is about how we can all human better.

And, we, The Good Doctors, have long felt that the answer to how to human better is a simple one: ask more questions, make fewer assumptions. But that’s easier said than done.

Humans are really, really good at making assumptions. Our brains love to group people, find patterns, and jump to conclusions. When pattern recognition is helping you tell the difference between a branch and a deadly snake, it can save your life!

But, when you jump to conclusions about how other people feel, why they’re reacting to a situation a certain way, or how they might react to something in the future, you put yourself at risk of misunderstanding the people around you. And, when people are misunderstood in a relationship — be it at work, at home, at school, at church, while volunteering — those relationships erode. They disconnect, they struggle, and they may even burn out.

America has a culture of burnout. This country is built on and continues to perpetuate the ideas that a person’s worth comes only from hard work, that rest is a wasteful indulgence, that exhaustion is a personal failure instead of a cultural inevitability, and that good health starts and stops with physical fitness. We are also inundated with the message that there is only “one right way” to find well-being (and it’ll cost you just three easy payments of $19.99!).

In the immortal words of our favorite infomercials: there’s got to be a better way. And, there is. We can build a culture of balance. A culture where everyone is valued as a human being with inherent worth, emotions, individual life experiences, and something to contribute.

So, this book is actually about a lot of things. It’s about how to prevent burnout in your organization. It’s about how to better relate to your kids. It’s about how to strengthen the relationships in your life, and it’s also about how to better understand yourself and why you might be the way you are.

So, it’s about how to human better, and we believe that in that regard there is always room to grow.

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What Folks Are Saying About the Book

Erin and Kristen's book is a powerful testament to our society's urgent need for change. Acknowledging the impact of our environment and culture, they challenge us to reimagine wellness, balance, and compassion. This thought-provoking read is a wake-up call, urging us to break free from the cycle of quick fixes and embrace a culture that values growth, comfort, and community. A must-read for anyone seeking true well-being in an era dominated by pursuing success at the cost of our mental and emotional health.

kelly meerbott

CBTI Award-winning Leadership Coach + TedxUCO Speaker 

The Culture of Burnout: Why Your Exhaustion is Not Your Fault is not a typical self-help book. Erin and Kristen take a deep dive into the history of burnout itself before offering solutions. This book should serve as a guide for Human Resource professionals, CEOs, business owners, and anyone wanting to improve their work environment.

carrie sharpe

communication consultant

The Good Doctors have created a must-read for understanding burnout. Loaded with fascinating stories, insights, and research this book will not only help you understand why we get burned out but the cultural context behind it. If you are feeling overwhelmed or wondering why your team isn't performing, this is the book you need.

michael roderick

ceo, small pond enterprises

I recently learned that over 750,000 people die each year from overworking. The idea that burnout is not the only option is unfortunately a radical idea in Western culture. I, for one, am excited that Kristen and Erin are shining a light on the opportunity to evolve into a culture that prioritizes our well-being.

bri seeley

entrepreneurial success designer

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Here‘s what "The Culture of Burnout" readers have to say.

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This book opens the door for respite and rejuvenation that is greatly needed in this age of stressors. As a seasoned legal professional I find the insights and techniques for addressing burnout to be invaluable. I highly recommend this book to everyone who suffers burnout or knows someone who does. Thank you, Good Doctors.

earth man

We all know burnout is a growing problem. This book helped me see how I got here, how "doing more" is so normalized and even applauded, and what I can do to take back the control of my situation. Thank you for creating a resource that is actually HELPFUL!


As a development coach this is a must have in your arsenal of materials. Kristen and Erin have obviously done the research on the history of burnout and why we are feeling the burden of it more now than ever. I strongly suggest corporate coaches buy this book and begin the implementation of their ideas into your corporate culture.

Jason a.

We all have been trained to work ourselves to the bone in pursuit of the things our culture tells us we must have. I have seen so many people on social media coming to realize that they've experienced burnout and sharing how it impacts their physical and mental health. This book is a must read!!

karen dingler 

A comprehensive resource on current epidemic - burnout. Well written and innovative!


Drs. Kristen and Erin provide a very insightful lens for understanding this all too common phenomenon!

Sonja P.

The book digs into some very interesting cultural background and offers perspective on how to undo some of the damage those paradigms carry. It also doesn't pretend to have all of the answers for any and everyone, which is highly appreciated.

Amazon Customer

Kristen and Erin have written this book because they care about you. They want us to understand the origins of our overdrive and the causes of our pain, because we live in a world that often "blames the victim" forcing us to take personal responsibility for what's hurting us when in reality -- as this book points out -- we've been conditioned or programmed to push ourselves. The authors' passion and acumen shines as does their care and advocacy. They make complex and age-old problems understandable and empower us to care for ourselves through these realizations.

amanda berlin

The Burnout Ladies have appeared in ...

What do the puritans, true crime, and essential oils have to do with burnout?

We believe context is key to understanding America's obsession with work and wellness.

So, this book will give you all the context you need to understand your stress, exhaustion, and burnout. 

Meet "The Burnout Ladies"

Dr. Kristen Donnelly and Dr. Erin Hinson are The Good Doctors of Abbey Research and the co-founders of the Community Research Institute. They are researchers and educators with social science PhDs, who also happen to be best friends. Kristen and Erin have a long history of being obnoxiously curious, which means they have always been interested in how and why people do what they do. Their passion for understanding, research, and writing –– as well as their fascination with the origins of burnout culture –– are the foundations of this book.

founder and president

Kristen Donnelly

Kristen Donnelly (MSW, M.Div, PhD) is an award winning four time TEDx speaker, international educator, and researcher with two decades of experience in helping people understand the beauty in difference, and the power in inclusivity. She is the COO of Abbey Research's parent company, and an unapologetic nerd for stories of change. Kristen lives outside of Philadelphia with her husband, where they are surrounded by piles of books and several video game consoles.  

vice president

Erin Hinson 

Erin Hinson (MA, PhD) is a researcher, international educator, and tea enthusiast with over a decade of experience in cultivating curiosity in herself and others. Erin advocates for inclusion, equity, and understanding through conversation. She is passionate about international education and volunteers as the Student Support Advisor for the Study USA program run by the British Council Northern Ireland. Erin lives in Pittsburgh with her mother, cat, and international gin collection. 

Ready to do the work?

Make sure to get your copy of The Culture of Burnout Workbook! 

We believe that growing as a human involves curiosity, understanding, and compassionate action. By picking up a copy of The Culture of Burnout you’re already engaging with curiosity and understanding and for that you should be proud!

Our companion workbook will offer you a few extras in addition to the new understanding we hope the main book brings.

The goal of this workbook is to provide you with reflection questions, action items, and empathy exercises that will help you recognize the ways that you already live in a culture of burnout, how to thrive and help others thrive despite that cultural expectation, and what you can do to help propel us towards a culture of balance instead.

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“Burnout occurs when a person’s environment locks them in a stress cycle from which they can’t escape.” 

Obviously, no one wants to be locked in a stress cycle, doomed to repeat their exhaustion until they break. It is possible to break this cycle and find balance, and we deeply hope our book can be your first step.