The Burnout Ladies’ 4 R’s of Burnout Recovery

The Four R's of Burnout Recovery cover photo

What’s the point of talking about burnout if we don’t talk about burnout recovery?

One of our biggest pet peeves in leadership writing and teaching is when people explain something that’s hard or depressing and don’t provide solutions. Or, their solutions aren’t actually possible. So when we set out to write our book explaining the foundations of burnout, we researched and formulated our own practical solutions as well. 

Our framework provides four categories we believe you need to find solutions for in your own life to prevent, mitigate, or heal from burnout.

Everyone’s R’s are different. Ours sometimes overlap, and sometimes are diametrically opposed. Some of their practices count for multiple R’s and last for a long time, some are only relevant for a few months before something else changes in their lives to necessitate a new R. 

Whatever fills your Rs is good – as long as they don’t harm you or someone else. Beyond that, what works for you is what works for you. Experiment and test and play around. Find rest, cultivate joy, pursue realignment, and protect those connections. We believe in you. 

Want to know more about the Rs and how they can help with your burnout recovery? We write about them extensively in our book.

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