How To Practice Real Wellness

What is authentic wellness?

Much of the wellness industry wants to sell you on the idea that real, authentic wellness is simple. Just buy this product. Try this supplement. Join this gym. And boom – you will be well. 

Part of the reason we wrote our book was to address the harm caused by the wellness industry in selling these lies. Are supplements helpful? Sure. Can candles help with your anxiety? Why not? So, where is the lie? The lie is in the idea that you only need one item. And that that one item will fix your problems. 

Most conversations on the history of wellness state that wellness is “being in good health.” And that is true. But authentic wellness is a bit more complex. Does wellness mean you never get sick? Does it mean you never get injured? You’re never in pain? 

The 3 E’s of Wellness

No. Because even with all the supplements, candles, and workout routines, you are still a human person. For us, real wellness requires 3 things – our 3 E’s of Wellness if you will:

  1. Empathy: you have to understand that life is hard, gravity always wins, and you will always have health problems. Empathy is understanding – that you, and everyone you know is human. They have different bodies, needs, and histories. All of which will impact their wellness journey. 
  2. Education: you have to do the research to learn about wellness trends and practices. Are your crystals being sourced responsibly? Do you understand the philosophy behind yoga? The wellness industry isn’t particularly concerned with ethics over profit. Make sure you are consuming products responsibly. 
  3. Experimentation: One of our oft used mottos is different people are different. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to burnout or wellness. Real wellness means you have to try out different practices until you find what works for you. You might have practices that work for you now, that won’t work in a year. That’s life, y’all.

Without trying to sound cliche, wellness is a journey, not a destination. It is impossible to wake up one morning and go “Huzzah! I am finally well! I have no more work to do for I will be well forever.”

Wellness looks different for everyone. But that’s not what the wellness industry is selling. If you’re looking to find new wellness practices, we recommend starting with our 3 E’s. 

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